Status Cell, a platform where you can download love romantic WhatsApp status videos. Here you can also find Dirilis Ertugrul Whatsapp status videos, Hayat and Murat WhatsApp status videos, Attitude Whatsapp status videos, and more.

What is WhatsApp Status?

Status is the best feature of WhatsApp that allows you to write text, share pictures, or videos with your contacts. For this purpose, you and your friend or family member must have saved your mobile number in contacts.

It will show the next 24 hours, and it has an option to delete at any time, but after 24 hours, it will automatically disappear.

How to Add a Status on WhatsApp Account – Step by Step Guide

How Status Cell Platform Works?

Status Cell website works very simple and easy way. You just go to the site, and select any status you like and then click on it. A new page will open with more detail.

Here you will find some information, Who uploaded this status when it’s uploaded, and how many views it has. More views and downloads mean it’s very popular in the world. Below it, a box where your status exists.

If it’s a video, you can play instant to see what is this status. After watching, and you like it, below this box, you will see a green big “Download” button. Just press it and it will be downloaded in your system or on mobile.

Also, Status Cell has a sharing option, currently two platforms, Facebook and WhatsApp.

Why do We Need to Use Status Cell?

Well, a good question arrived in your mind. As you see on the internet, on Google, and on YouTube, many status videos and images are blurry, less quality, and either too many watermarks.

Status Cell, provides you High-Quality Videos, less watermark, and clean status videos and images. So when you put it on Status, your contacts will like it and ask to share it with them.

Here are some more features about why do we need to use Status Cell:

  1. High-Quality Videos and Images
  2. Clean Video with proper resolution.
  3. Less watermark, so the video is perfectly visible.
  4. Images with proper proportion.
  5. Easy to download any status.
  6. Search bar to easily search any status and it gives you suggestions.
  7. You can share it with just one click.

Is Status Cell Trustable Website?

Status Cell is a leading website in Pakistan and India that providing quality WhatsApp Status Videos. It is of course trustable as there are thousands of visitors and downloading statuses free of cost.

Status Cell has also an official Facebook page, and Instagram Account, and a YouTube channel also. There is a great number of followers of Status Cell.


So, If you are a lover of WhatsApp status, and do this daily, you must visit this website for a great collection of video and images status. It is updating a daily basis and has a blog section where you can learn a lot of things. You must visit once this blog section.